Lana Pribic is a Toronto / GTA based photographer who specializes in boudoir photography, wedding photography, and food & restaurant photography. Behind the camera and without the camera, she is devoted to love, self-love, and the feminine. Also, food.


I began to develop my photographers eye at a young age when I started taking film photos for the purpose of keeping myself entertained while travelling with my parents. I remember being moved by the soft natural light that came out at dusk and dawn - but I had no idea what this photography thing was all about. I was 14. I was messing around out of boredom and curiosity. I definitely did not realize that taking photos would change the way that I would relate with the world around me.

It did. So many things have come and gone into my life, but photography has been the constant. Over time I developed an obsession with documentation which I expressed through several personal blogs over the years. Thankfully.. most of those have been deactivated now!

Now that I am older, and always growing, photography is my tool of choice to explore life, love, and the human condition. I try to see everyone in front of me as a teacher. In every moment there is a lesson. I try to capture these teachers and these lessons. I am most drawn to the moments in-between the main event - when people are in their natural state.

I prefer keeping my gear and post-processing as simple as possible to go along with my documentary style of photography. Heavy retouching and excess lighting equipment doesn't quite work with my style. I’ve been called an “emotional photographer” many times; a “technical photographer” never.

I keep the masters in my heart always. I love the timeless and un-frivolous documentary and emotive style of Robert Doisneau, Josef Koudelka, Ragnar Axelsson, and Sebastião Salgado.