Harvest Festival / by lana pribic

Harvest is a music and arts festival, technically. For me, Harvest is now a time of year to connect with myself, nature, and the people I love. I made a special effort to reflect on my personal growth from the past year since I was last on that soil. There were many things to be proud of, but also some uncomfortable realizations of where there is still room for growth. I feel refreshed and energized still, and nearly a month has passed since we left Burks Falls. My head has been cleared and my heart opened up.

During my first year I was completely enthralled to be experiencing such a thing; I was totally in the experience. This year, I was surprised to find myself mostly an observer. The culture at this space is completely fun to analyze and observe. It defies society as we know it. There is so much free love, openness, and synchronicity. Magic happens here, it really really does. You're telling one friend how badly you wish another friend was here, in this moment, and they just show up. The culture of Harvesters needs to be learned and respected, because this is such a special weekend. Many attendees have been going for over a decade. It's sacred to many, and it's important to not be intrusive, rather respectful.

The combination of the unseasonal sunny weather, the fall colours in the trees fortressing the festival, and the interesting life-size art on the grounds, which is intersected by a river, created an idyllic setting to relax, catch up with old friends, make new friends, take a dip in the river, get mesmerized while staring into the campfire, paint in the art tent, and just admire the present moment.