Seventeen Memories from 2017 / by lana pribic

What an incredible year! I actually took a massive break from photography in 2016/2017 - but now I am back into it full-force (keep reading!) and it feels so good. I needed the distance for a bit because I didn't really enjoy the photos I was taking. I felt like I was just trying to copy others and not focusing on developing my own style. Taking this break helped me to think about photography more clearly, and I talk about this more in this post.

2017 was really good to me. I spent a lot of time developing friendships and my relationship - which is what I wanted to make 2017 about. Looking forward, I have big plans, goals, and ambitions for the upcoming year and beyond. I seriously can't wait - for just life. Here are 17 memories from 2017 - some are iPhone photos and some aren't taken by me.

My 26th birthday in January was the first birthday that I can remember feeling no sense of lack in my life. I felt like I had everything I needed and more, and a lot of that had to do with the relationships I had been fostering in my life. It was a day that I felt so grateful.

Photo by Laura

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I defended my master thesis and finished school forever!!! Major highlight. I felt so proud and thankful for the experience of graduate school even though I really struggled throughout the program and I knew it wasn't for me. But I have a Master of Science in Food Economics... I still find this strange.

My mom took this photo of me in a diner in Hong Kong, and it's one of my favourite photos of me ever.


As a graduation present, my parents took me to Australia and Hong Kong for a long awaited trip to visit our god-family and my best friend in the entire world, Jashke. It was the first time I saw Jashke in five years, and it was so wonderful to reunite. We had the best time. I also got to meet my God-sister, and we realized we are practically twins which is fitting because our parents have been best friends forever. Seeing my Aussie friends from my Copenhagen exchange brought back so many good memories of biking around Denmark.


Spending time with my God-parents for the first time since I was a baby and getting to know them was a wonderful experience.


After I finished my masters degree and experienced a total sense of freedom for the first time, I packed up and moved up north to Thunder Bay to be closer to this handsome human. (Moving for love is something I always wanted to do at some point in my life!)

Thunder Bay has been so good to me, and good for me.


Thunder Bay summers are amazing - the sun stays out until 10pm and there is so much nature to explore. The most magical day of the summer was midsummer.

Photo taken by Katie


Did some epic summer camping in Thunder Bay. I'm addicted!


Dancing all night with my best friends and watching the sun come up at Harvest.


My favourite weekend of the year was once again Harvest festival.

After literally months (years?) of feeling lost and at a loss for what I wanted to do with my life, this weekend allowed me to clear my mind and set my intentions for my next step in life. 

Photo by Sherry (she keeps it as her phone screen!). It was taken on a phone, and it is my #1 favourite photo of 2017.


... and this meant starting a photography business for real. I registered a business in October, and the rest is history. I couldn't be more happy with my decision. It feels so right - I have a direction and purpose now.


As a way to build my photography business, I started contributing as a photographer for the local arts & culture magazine, the Walleye. Aside from getting to do photography work, it's also proven to be a great way to get to know the community.




I took on a big photography project with Roots to Harvest that was ongoing for a couple of months. They're a group of endlessly inspiring people, and working with this organization was such a privilege.


I also worked on a bigger photo project with Nook, an awesome Italian restuarant where I spent the summer working.


A weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast on a farm with Amir for his birthday.


Emma and Dave came for a weekend visit and we had the best time showing them around Thunder Bay!


Spending the holidays in Toronto with friends and family. Ringing in 2018 with my friendswhoarefamily <3