Christiania Details / by lana pribic

Photography is not allowed in Christinia - at least not in the "commercial area," as one of the locals called it . After walking around this area filled with hippies, open pot sales, and bakeries that were too suspicious for me to actually sit in.. We kept walking further away, and stumbled upon a little eatery in a hidden corner. It looked cute and I told my friend "let's go in for a drink." Inside, there was wood everywhere and the food looked so effortlessly organic. Before I could really think logically about anything I saw the words "Homemade Tomato Soup" on the special board and an order of it was in my hands within a minute. Oops. Regardless, the soup was delicious and the patio of the eatery was interesting (to say the least)...

 Right as we were leaving, one of the men who was sitting beside us the whole time while we were eating said to us "make sure you girls cross the bridge and walk along the river to look at at houses where the locals live. All that stuff you just saw is just commercial. Go see the real Christiania." We thanked him for the advice and followed his instructions. And this is what we can across - the loveliest little details. 

Lesson from this day? Always go a little further, a little deeper, than you originally intended to.