kinfolk IV / by lana pribic

Although it is nearly the end of the summer, I couldn't resist ordering the summer issue of Kinfolk to try and savour up the last days of it. Today was a happy mail-checking day.

We do not own our time, but stand under these whirling dervishes, hoping for a moment that is safe to share without removing us from the experience, and without imposing our own demands for the moment. Time dances brilliantly above us and around us. We only bestow the hems of her skirts for our tiny artistic visions. 
Let us all remember, now in the presence of one another, that our memories are enough. May we live to remind each other to partake of dinner without pause for a clicking shutter or a scribbling pen. Stay here, drink more wine, and let your memories of a time exist by themselves within you, and between you and the others. And may your art be a sincere reflection of what already exists, not a post of projection for what we desire. 
Keep your hours close, and keep intimacy and trust  closer. If we give this a chance, we will surely realize that being present is powerful enough to burn and consume our hearts, minds, and memories with fullness unparalleled.
words by Rebecca Parker Payne in Kinfolk IV