Sabaudia, Italy / by lana pribic

I forgot to post about this town that I got to stay in for a week. Sabaudia is a beach town with an interesting history, right on the coast in-between Rome and Naples. That week, one of my dreams come true - I got to live in a town on the beach. Gelato just tasted better with sea salt in the air.
One of my favourite memories from this week happened a day after camp with my tutor friends. It was an extremely sweaty day(weren't they all, though?) plus everyone was already soaked from water-games at camp. After work, we skipped out on our regular afternoon beer at the cafe and rode our bikes across the bridge and to the beach instead. I think it was the best decision we made all week.
We basked in the warm late afternoon sun. I talked to my mom on the phone while sun tanning - she told me that I was living a dream. I realized that she was absolutely right, and I took a second to pause and be grateful to be in that very moment, doing absolutely nothing at all in great company. 

Looking back, this was actually an amazing week - I got to work with my best friend, I made amazing new friends, my class was incredible (we did Titanic for our final show and one of the kids was the iceberg - enough said), the camp had incredible energy, I constantly ate nutella croissants and buffalo mozzarella, I got to swim in the sea, my host siblings adored me, and I got to relax after work everyday with great company. I need to stop complaining about little things when I'm in the moment. 

Side Note: my host mom this week was an incredible cook, which totally made up for the fact that she knew three or four English words. Whatever, we got through it.