Instagram Week + Blog Updates / by lana pribic

This week I.. fell in love with the weather and sky almost every single day, got excited and made lovely things in pottery class (check!), made carrot cake muffins that didn't last longer than 2 days, wore layers, and got the most decedent and tasty mussels with Fallon for her birthday! What a great week.

ALSO, I am in the process of going back through every post and giving all my photos a little more love (ie. editing them so that they're more beautiful). So far, I have done work on the following past posts: 

1. Quintessentially Tuscan // 07.11.12 *
2. Rewards in Baiardo // 07.11.12 *
3. Baiardo Memories // 07.18.12
4. Nutella + Banana Crepes For Breakfast // 07.20.12 *
5. Going Back to Paris // 07.25.12 *
6. Holy Cow: Homemade Brie + Mushroom Burgers // 07.26.12
7. Garbage Breakfast" // 07.28.12 

* these are my favorite ones