Roasted Tomato Soup / by lana pribic

It's definitely getting colder outside. I've officially converted to long pyjamas pants instead of shorts. Yesterday I realized that sandal season is over when I got stuck in the cold rain (not the hot summer rain) in Birkenstocks. Drinking tea feels better in every single way, and I crave it all day. When the sun finally comes out during the day, it feels like it's been gone for two months and not two hours...

So, obviously, the only thing I've been able to think about lately is my favourite soup - tomato soup. Roasted tomato soup, to be more specific.

I have been a fan of sprouted kitchen for a long time now, and with all the buzz about Sara's cookbook (which I discovered the bookshop in Guelph actaully has in stock!), I decided that I should actually make something from her site and stop just drooling over the photos. I remember when I first stumbled upon her site, I wasn't sure if it was a food blog or a photography blog or which aspect I liked more. But I guess it's one of those situations where it'd be silly to choose. They co-exist so perfectly.

So, last night I decided to make dinner for my family and decided to try her recipe for mushroom + lentil asian tacos. Yeah, that didn't turn out so well and I am blaming it on the fact that I didnt have all the right ingredients... But between me and you, I messed up somewhere inbetween multitasking with the sauce and the fussy lentils. I will try again though, cause it's just an awesome recipe. 

Anyways, I used my garden herbs and (ALL of todays) tomatoes. This soup is a pretty standard tomato soup with a twist.. The idea of roasting the tomatoes and adding the cheese crostini on top just makes it special and even more comforting. It was delicious, and I probably should have made double the batch...

Is it possible for a tomato garden to survive through the winter months? Because I want to eat this every single day until spring arrives