sunday scones + inspiration overload / by lana pribic

True inspiration - you know, the kind that makes our hearts ache with longing, our minds race over details and plans, and puts our dreams into action - always finds us unexpectedly and sweeps us off our feet. It's violent, and it's beautiful, and it's the nature of inspiration.

Last night I watched Julie and Julia, which is one of my favorite movies. It really got me thinking about all of this blogging business, and ultimately left me with some questions: What do I want this space to be? What do I want to send out into the world? How do I fit into this big giant mess called the internet?I don't even know how to begin answering these questions. But in the movie, Julie comments on how blogs are this selfish being, and how they're all about "me, me, me." They're an extension of the self, just like a book is an extension of the authors soul.It's absolutely true. Personal blogs, which mine falls under the umbrella of (?), are absolutely selfish in a way! The focus is around my life, my taste, and my voice. Is this is bad thing? No, I don't think it is. I'm fairly new to the blogosphere, but I plan to stay for a long while. So, what category do I fall under? Do I want to be a food blog? A travel blog? A fashion blog? A lifestyle blog? All of the above? None of the above?  Does it even really doesn't matter?The answer I am looking for is simple: I am here to hopefully give back some of the inspiration that I have taken away from this world... And hopefully learn a thing or two about taking nice pictures along the way. I am not sure what "category" that is. Julie might be right. Blogs might be self centred around the authors life. But Julie missed the point that blogs create a niche community between reader and writer. They share stories and ideas and knowledge. They connect us. They let us know we're not alone. They make us better. They allow us to grow. Blogs are good. Blogs are kind. Blogs understand.Dead Fleurette dramatically changed my entire outlook on style and clothing and shopping and consumption. Sara's recipes and Hugh's photos have played a huge role in developing both my foodie appetite and my aesthetic eye for food. Kelsey's words and videos have grounded me and reminded to to stay humble and honest and true, even towards strangers. Olivia's blog made me more appreciative of the little things (Sunsets! Breakfast!). Helene's stunning styling and perfect eye inspired me so much that I bought and read her book in no time flat. Rohan constantly makes me want to drop everything and move into a cabin in the woods with my family. I could go on and on and on. Really, I could. But here's what I'm trying to say: each of these people, each of these blogs, and all of their words and photos and videos and lives have shaped and ultimately inspired me. Through their "selfishness," they have changed a little bit, or a lot of, the world. (In this instance, I hate that the word selfish has such a negative connotation attached to it. It can be a good thing! See!) They've provided endless inspiration.  And I think that's what they're meant to do. It's an inspiration overload here on the blogosphere, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without it... But I am grateful that the internet exists, as silly as that sounds.You can find the recipe for these scones here. I am a big fan of them. They're pretty, they make the whole house smell delicious, and they're perfect for Sundays. They turned out a lot less sweet than I expected, which is probably what real scones are supposed to be like (as apposed to the sugar-coma stuff from Starbucks). Nevertheless, with the seal of approval from my roommates, I can confidently say that these scones are awesome even if you've never dreamed of a strawberry + basil combo (they surprisingly compliment each other really nicely). The recipe is by Kelsey at Happyolks, whose site is exactly the type of thing that led to my entire rant in this post.Here's to staying inspired, wholesome, good, and true (and well fed!). Thanks, world.