2012 / by lana pribic

2012 has been really good to me. I healed myself with an intense diet and discovered the connection between the food I eat and my attitude. I bought a DSLR camera and entered the world of digital photography. I finally started this little blog. I spent two months in Europe. I found joy in cooking and eating food like never before. My relationships with everyone in my life have grown positively. I started feeling like a real adult... kind of.

I rang in 2012 in the best possible atmosphere I could have ever asked for: I was at a Brand New concert with my best friend who I met because of this band. These humble boys have been the only constant source of inspiration in my life since I was in middle school (!!). I was stoked, stoked, stoked to be there. Balloons and streamers blessed the stage and audience at midnight during a very sentimental song for anyone that was a fan of BN when they turned 18 years old.

The winter revolved around food. I started seeing a natropath and following the candida diet. My body was strong and energetic, my mind was clear, and my attitude was positive. I discovered new foods, new blogs, new restaurants, new cooking methods and a whole world of options and alternatives. This was the most rewarding thing I have done for myself. I discovered the relationship between food and how it makes me think and feel. I was so inspired. 

I experienced my first semester of being an official business student. I studied a lot and I fell in love with school and gave up my social life and it was all worth it because it went so, so well. I was living at home and I became a homebody. I got a record player for my birthday and heard all of my favourite albums the way they were meant to be heard.

In the spring, I planted my first garden. I went to New York and ate oysters for the first time, the best gluten free pizza (which is now tradition), and was surprised by Brand New memorabilia in Long Island (shhh!). Also, I ate the best brick chicken, explored smorgsburg, and felt free of school... All in the best company of my best friend. We saw Damien Jurado and JBM and we blushed when we chatted them up at the end of the show. I went to Cuba with my parents and their nutty friends where I suntanned and drank mimosas all day for an entire week. I got excited for Europe. I celebrated St. Patricks Day, and my friend painted an oil painting of me from that day. Holy crap, she's so talented, huh?

Then, I set off on an airplane for two months, and captured everything with my new DSLR.

Italy welcomed me with open arms. My obsession with the Italian sunset began. I got to hang out with some really cool, really unforgettable, really hilarious, and really unique people. I ditched my diet because I couldn't live without gelato, pizza, wine, and cheese - there was no question about it.

I lived in Florence, Rome, Empoli, Saubadia, and Baijardo (read about my adventures here). I was not a tourist, but an occupant of each city, and each city became a new home. My photography started getting better as I switched from the film to the digital world. I was learning everyday. I listened to Blind Pilot and JBM a lot, who seemed to match my contrasting feelings - I was bursting to the brim with happiness to be relishing in these experiences, yet I was so sad that I want to rip my heart out of my chest. I wore my hair in a braid the entire two months because I was too busy and happy and carefree to mind my looks.
I finished working in Italy, and went back to Paris for a week. We drank a lot of beer, went back to our favorite spots, and bought groceries every day. I wrote in my journal a lot for the first time in years and felt a lot of things that I had avoided during the school year.

We rode our bikes through all of Copenhagen and rented an apartment in the heart of Vesterbro. It felt like I should have been born there.

I was not ready for my summer to end, but I tried my hardest to stay in the moment until I had to get back on that plane.

I came home to my room, my family, and my friends. My favourite band played in my city and I was on top of the world that night. 

I could hear myself repeating the same stories over and over again, and I could feel everyone in the room getting tired of my nostalgia. But I just couldn't stop. I wasn't ready for school to start. I was still looking at pictures from the summer every. single. day.

School started, I moved back to Guelph, and I hated my classes. I was sure that I was going to fail some of them, but my results came back pretty damn good. I need to stop doubting myself. 
I explored Guelph. I hung out with friends more than I did school work. I discovered that downtown Guelph has incredible restaurants and appreciated it. I cursed my classes everyday and was still obsessed with my summer photos.

I started a dinner club with two friends and looked forward to Wednesday nights. I started to babysit two little girls whose love for me made me feel humbled. I applied to being a supported learning group leader for introductory economics, and I got the position. I read a book on food photography and felt so inspired. Fall was seriously a great season.

I went to New York again. Ate my way through the city.
I took pottery classes and forgot all about my real classes. I loved it so much.
I cut my hair.
I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my family and appreciated being back home. I gave my mom a bowl I made in pottery class. 
I was reunited with my oldest and dearest friend, who I always miss because she studies all the way on the other side of the world.
I spent the last week of the year with my best friend who flew in from New York. I showed her my Guelph, and we splurged on delicious meals as always. We spent an hour reading children's books in the kids section. New Years was as messy as it should have been in a University town, and I was sitting around a table with three amazing girl friends when we looked at the clock at exactly 12:02. We missed midnight because we were too busy singing a Hilary Duff song. It was perfect.
Thank you to everyone who has been around for the past year. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for all your eyes and words and support.

Here's to 2013, lets go!