"Drinking in Tofino" / by lana pribic

We were so childishly excited when we got here last night that we were just singing "surfing in Tofino" but replacing surfing with all sorts of verbs and nonsense. Drinking in Tofino. Sleeping in Tofino. Walking in Tofino. Line-ups in Tofino. You get it.

We road tripped it here last night from Mount Washington through life threatening fog (I'm alive, Mom!), over and under mountains. We planned to catch the sunrise this morning but woke up to rain and fog, which seems anything but unordinary here on the West Coast. Oh well. I woke up early anyways and went for a solo walk while the others slept in. The high-light of my morning was this bakery - Ohmygod, the food is so good!

I am learning a lot about my camera and it's so nice to be on a break from school to be able to actually practice a bit. New places are especially inspiring for that.

Such a charming spot in an almost ghost town at the moment. I am actually cozying up in here right now with some coffee and the sun is starting to pop out. This is good news because we are going sea kayaking in just a few hours (!!!).

I. Love. The. West. Coast. Move me here!