a short, sweet stay in vancouver / by lana pribic

Before we set out for the island, our BC adventure started out in Vancouver - a place I have been looking forward to visiting my whole life. Not to shop or to see the sights or even eat in the restrauants. I mostly just wanted to feel the city and it's people. 

In Vancouver, we decided to rent bikes and take the 10k ride around Stanley Park. My friend Caitlin hates cities, so this was a good (and oh so rewarding) alternative.

We ate sushi that convinced me that I was eating sushi for real for the first time. Unfair. Has anyone tried grilled eggplant with brown sugar/maple syrup on top? It tastes like cake, I swear. 
We stayed in a super cute neighbourhood that was just so green, and all the lawns could have been movie sets.And then... We stumbled upon the most badass and energetic Chinese New Year parade.
My brother was all "so I guess you're moving out to BC eventually?"Well.. Yes.