scenes from boston | iPhone / by lana pribic

I did not want to lug my SLR around the city for the two cold & rainy days, so I documented with my iPhone and edited with snapseed (which is seriously my newest obsession) and VSCO Cam.

We only really wanted to see The National, Youth Lagoon, FUN, and The Shins, so we wandered around the city on down time. Despite the fact that I still hate kind of hate the Bruins and I am not sporty at all, I looved Boston. It was extra nice to do a little shopping on the bustling Newbury Street when the sun came out on Monday.

This one is image heavy. Quality vs quantity, much?

Beacon Hill. I love visiting places that songs I love are written about. Also, it. Was. Chiiiiiilllllly. Which meant I mostly looked frumpy.
It was the perfect weekend to visit the quintessential American city.

A store called Good. The name says it all.
Brunch at Diesel.  They have an ancient photobooth!
Bumpy Boston streets.

Final stop: Clam Chowdah + Lobster Rolls at Yankee Lobster. Yes. Please.I had a hillarious time with my friend. It rained almost the entire time, I had to buy a hat and gloves (which were, actually... bath gloves), and I had a cold. But I had a hilarious time with my friend.  We saw the drummer of The National walk out of Walgreens carrying milk and wine. We not so subtly stalked him all the way to his hotel.We belted out "My Heart Will Go On" while a street musician played the intrunmentals. We were sort of shocked when no one stopped to give us a standing ovation.We wandered around the small financial district drunk and tired and hungry for at least an hour. Either the google maps app kept leading us astray or we were flat out lost. We were looking for a very particular diner (recommended to us) which was seemingly impossible to find. It got to the point where we weren't even hungry anymore, but kept walking for the sake of the adventure. After hearing "it's just up the road!" about 7 times, we ended up taking a 3 minute cab ride. When we were finally, victoriously, standing in front of this diner, we ran away. It was just not our thing.We blew kisses at a crazy old man on the train who we thought was going to kill us at one point. He caught our kisses and didn't kill us.We both sang "You must be somewhere in Boston. You must be loving your life in the rain," during England, unplanned.We thought Nate was adorable when he looked into the crowd, stepped back, took a second, and said "holy fuck. this is the biggest show I have ever played." I went to see The Format about 8 years ago in one of Toronto's smallest venues. Such a sweet moment.