back to the garden / by lana pribic

Alicia completing her mini herb garden last week before a (crazy delicious) Summer of Wednesdays session.

Go with me on this one: Right now I'm at a stage where I am planting so many new damn seeds in my mind and my life. Real, adult-like, life-changing, attitude-changing, it's-time-to-stop-farting-around seeds. It is summertime and life is breezier than it normally is and I am consciously trying to change a lot of things about myself. I just left a job that brought out the absolute worst in me, seriously, I have never whined and complained and hated so much in my life! And I don't want to be that person! I am not that kind of person. I want to radiate a positive glow, not a bitter and spiteful one. But I am still grateful that the two and a half months of torture happened to me - I learned a lot about myself, and that is an invaluable experience. I've always know that life is too short to spend doing things that bring out the worst in you. Beyond that, I learned that I have to learn to control my attitude so that the worst in me never has the opportunity to sneak out. Now there's a challenge! 

(On a note that I promise is related) I have been juicing a lot this summer. Twice everyday for the past month, to be exact. Wake up. Juice, not coffee. Make better choices. Plant seeds. Read books. Drink lots of water. Be more conscious. Try new recipes. Dream big. Fly. Breezy. I am constantly thinking about my future garden that will bring me so much juicing material. Don't even get me started. It's all in my head, waiting to become an action. This is a new habit that is going to stick with my for the rest of my life. Beyond but related to juicing somehow, I am training myself to be better, kinder, more patient to my body and my mind.