easy breezy summer nights / by lana pribic

 An indulgent spirit comes out in all of us during these carefree days. Every night that I spend with others in the summer leaves me almost painfully full. Belly and mind. 

Last week I went to a "name day" gathering hosted by Alicia (so the food was obviously a highlight) and made Spouted Kitchen's mango guacamole. This cookbook has, by the way, slowly become my go-to reference/inspiration guide for almost every meal. I just can't get enough and I keep noticing Sara's influence in my everyday cooking.

Summer nights are for this: fruity sangria, almost rhetorical ice cubes, hot off the BBQ goodies, watering the garden when the sun has set, making friends with friends' families, not checking your phone, whipping out the mosquito candles (at 10pm!) and sleeping well. On nights that I'm not with friends, I am so enjoying learning more and more about nutrition and food at my own accord. My summer at home isn't all that bad after all.