aberfoyle antique market / by lana pribic

Everything that you were meant for
Everything that you were born to do
Does not need you to do it
Someone else was born to do it too
Now like a half-grown man
You barely learned how to stand

If you shut up with what you've chosen
You'll hear something choosing you.

Joe Pug

Since school commenced, I have barely even opened my computer which is admittedly out of character. I know I have absent on the internet world lately, but it's for a good reason. 

On the first day of classes and after a summer at home, I was reminded of the gem which is Guelph. 

I have a fear of not doing everything I have ever wanted to do here. In this town. During University. At this point in my life. 

I can not believe I am in my fifth year at Guelph. Even though I am still here, right now, I miss it everyday and can't ignore the reality that I won't be around in a couple of months. Fuck! I won't be able to walk around the city, experience a campus farmers market (!!!), frolic on Johnston Green, or enjoy the same meal for the 167th time at the Bullring. I find myself feeling sentimental for these simple things as I am doing them. I would say this is beyond just Graduation Goggles.

 My love for this place has grown exponentially over time, and that, my friends, is the best way that I can describe my love for Guelph. My experiences at Guelph have made me who I am. I am unable to express the magnitude of joy I feel knowing that I have done my most pivotal growing up here. Whoa, what a sentence. I am aware of this than ever before these days as I say the following words inside of my head, over and over: 

I am so happy this place choose me four years ago.

I am sorry for my silence, internet. I really am. But I have a lot of stuff I'd like to do in Guelph before I leave it in December. Such as going to this antique market, which I must have driven by at least 100 times before actually checking it out.

I didn't buy too much - some cutlery and plates. But walking around and checking out all the treasures, and talking with the characters at each stand made the experience feel oh so Guelphy.