calgary / by lana pribic

Before I even made the trip, my friend Lauren always gushed on about how much she loves her Calgary. When we went to Toronto one day, she pointed out all the differences and hinted (um, not so subtly) that Calgary just had it more together. I never knew about the Toronto-Calgary feud, nor do I really understand it, but I couldn't help but laugh and not really take it too seriously. She did manage to spark an interest in me to go visit the city, though.

Some highlights: Buying groceries for dinner at the Calgary farmers market, seeing some great boutiques, a spectacular firework show, realizing how nicely the businesspeople have it with the modern architecture and light-filled beautiful office buildings, Made by Marcus ice cream & macarons, trying my first Saskatoon berry, making jam (!!!), two extreme foodies in a kitchen making an seriously awesome dinner, "The Best Latte Ever" at DeVille, and lastly, driving from Calgary into Banff and being overwhelmed by my first sight of the Rockies.