canadian national exhibition | iphone scenes / by lana pribic

When I was a little girl, the entire month of August was always spent at the CNE. You see, my parents, who have always owned a jewelry business, used to rent out a corner in the Arts & Crafts building every summer and sell their stuff. They made money from tourists who wanted their names on a piece of rice or skillfully bent silver wire. This went on for about 8 to 10 years, and I have so many memories from spending time there.

I eventually grew accustomed to the crazy ass crowds and was able to fearlessly take on any path.  The grounds acted as my jungle for the 18 day long CNE; I would wander alone for hours while my parents worked, and just check out all the different stands. Mostly I loitered the ones that sold dips, due to their free samples. I think that is when I got obsessed with garlic. I bought fudge almost everyday from the venders across from us, who now recognize me when they come to my school in the Fall. I got really into watching live wrestling one summer (super weird) and never missed a show. Another summer I got really into magic tricks and became pals with the magician. Sometimes I would make friends with the other children and we would run around in the "secret" back passages. Often, I would wander off and go watch people on the big scary rides and beg my mom to take me until she would finally take an afternoon off to do so.

I just wanted to go on the rides. When my parents stopped being vendors at the CNE, I stopped going every year.

Last night me and my American BFF, who I thought needed to soak in some serious Canadian culture, bought wrist bands and rode rides literally until we puked (or at least until we thought we were going to). It was so fun being back there after so many years, and I showed her all my childhood nooks and crannies. We went all out and got fudge AND mini donuts, but no Colossal Onion. Every ride was the worst ride ever, but we kept going on them over and over and over again. We belted out songs from Grease 2 and didn't care who was staring.

But actually, the Spaceship ride is the WORST ride ever. It was awesome, in a sick way.

Ah, to be a child again and scream your guts out just because.

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PS: This is my 100th post. Whoa.