cuba / by lana pribic

A few weeks ago, my parents took me to Cuba for some family bonding and tanning time before I set off for Scandinavia for 6 months. Cuba was excellent - we ate so much fresh fish, bonded with the Cubans, and got some pretty sweet tans (my parents tan ridiculously compared to me).

I'm finally in Copenhagen! Holy tofu, is it ever the polar opposite of these photos. The temperature doesn't get too too low, but is it ever dark! The sun is far gone by dinnertime, and catching a sunset has not been on the mind so far (although the new hood does come equipped with a rooftop patio, 'nuf said). A new friend was telling me that while she was writing her exam, the sun came out and everyone stopped dead in their tracks and looked outside. But we've been lucky enough to see it three! times so far, though it does not last too long. Settling in has been hectic and a wee stressful as I seemed to have caught a stream of bad luck, but I am hoping my adorable new bike has put an end to it. Follow along on instagram, where I actually do daily posting, ahem.