malmö, sweden / by lana pribic


The adventures continue on this end. Some new friends and I took our bikes to Sweden last weekend and arrived in a new country in just 30 minutes by train. Malmö used to belong to Denmark, and suitably so its architecture is almost identical to Copenhagen. I have to give to the Swedes though; it is much cleaner than Copenhagen. Not that Copenhagen is dirty, just that I found Malmö to be so clean.


On this very last minute trip we did two things: checked out the free museum and went to the 

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

sauna where everyone looked at us because we weren't naked! The Swedes were all naked and carefree and not at all concerned with the freezing temperature of the Baltic sea. Nope, in and out of the sea they went. I could only dip up to my knees, crap it was freezing.

Meet Robyn, my roomie for the next 6 months. People keep telling us that our place is cozy and homey. We try.

It's cool to know this city is only a short and cheap train ride away. That sauna has been added to my list of "things I need to show everyone who ever visits me." So far the only other item on this list is a hotdog stand.