reykjavik, iceland / by lana pribic


A quick stopover in Reykjavik on route to CPH was an appetizer for a longer proper trip, hopefully this spring. My friend who was going to do this with me just got the job of her dreams, so the details are a little up in the air. But it will happen.

The plane touched down onto the pitch black island at about 7:00am, or 1:00am in my mind. On the bus to the city, a tired old man muttered to his wife something about how they should have gone to the Caribbean instead. It was very dark. The sun did not come out until 10:30. Still, I freaked out and hopped and skipped a little when I got off the bus. I know Iceland is the new Thailand and everything, but I'd been waiting to see this place for so long.

I loved it. What a unique and colourful city! The highlights included: turning left and seeing a tiny mountain, the best croissant of my life and Bon Iver, buying some Icelandic wool gloves that have proven to be excellent during my chilly bike rides here, seeing more fathers than mothers drop the kids at school, the view from the top of Hallgrímskirkja, finally, and just noticing everyone go on about their day as normal in the sunless city.