last week / by lana pribic

It is becoming increasingly clear that the world we are living in right now is not reality. Everyone is blowing off school without too many consequences - Ah, the life of an exchange student. Last week we had some beautiful weather and therefore took advantage of our roof top patio. As you can see, it's great for winding down from the day and watching the sunset. On Wednesday we had a crepe brunch (so much Nutella!) followed by some importu rooftop yoga. The first of many park picnics was a feast of variety at Ørstedsparken.

I adore my friends here. I brought everyone to Bang & Jensen on Sunday for the brunch platter - promising it would be impressive, it was better than I remember it being. Last time I visited Copenhagen I dreamed of going out for brunch with friends to catch up from the week.

My newest theory to explain Danish happiness has to do with wearing sneakers. Uncomfortable (but suchhh cute!) shoes don't do anybody any favours.

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