iceland | sólheimahjáleiga farmhouse / by lana pribic


It is hard to know where to begin with Iceland. I was there for ten blissful days - seven with my old dear friend Fallon, and three on my own. It is impossible to put into words the majesty of the landscape, especially since I do not believe my way with words to be so intrinsic. This is why I turn to photography, it is a language I can speak - yet all of my favourite moments from Iceland do not have photographic mementos, or they were views so beautiful that a still image could not do it justice. I am okay with that. It is the feelings I will never forget.

On our first night outside of Reykjavik, we learned the hard way that Icelandic directions are not exactly the most detailed. After driving down a terrifying gravel road for far too long, we realized that it lead into the mountains in the middle of nowhere (no farmhouse ahead!), and decided to turn back around without much ease. The bright yellow sign in front of me that said "no insurance covers damages to chassis the of the car" stared at me the entire time. We both let out a huge sigh of relief when we located the farm, and didn't hesitate to thank our lucky stars that the Icelandic sun doesn't set until close to midnight.

In the 6 room guesthouse, there was no one there but us. We settled in, made a late dinner, and played cards at the kitchen counter while admiring the lambs frolicking, drinking their moms' milk, and cuddling with one another. I fell in serious love with the sheep and the love lasted the entirety of my trip. Being in the presence of happy animals automatically made me a happier person. We listened to a lot of The National and, taking advantage of our isolated situation, belted out many of the lyrics -

"You were parking your car, you said 'I'm overwhelmed!' You were thinking out loud, you said 'I'm overwhelmed', you said 'I think I'm like Tennessee Williams, I wait for the click, I wait but it doesn't kick in!'"

We were so damn happy to be there doing nothing at all, the moment we were waiting for.