CPH girls / by lana pribic

Lyndsay - Calgary, Canada

Venetia - Collingwood, Canada

Miina - Toronto, Canada

Anna - Auckland, New Zealand

Maya - Melbourne, Australia

Nicola - Melbourne, Australia

Sophie - Melbourne, Australia

Robyn - King City, Canada. She is the wildest, chillest, and most positive room mate I could have ever asked for.

This is the group of people I have spent the majority of my time on exchange with. None of us knew each other before January, and now they feel like life long friends. I can not believe how much we all lucked out by finding each other and creating a support network amongst ourselves. Although I still have a month left here (which will mostly be spent studying, what a shame), people are starting to slowly depart this week. We had a dinner together last week, and I couldn't resist from taking some portraits. It is sad that we all have to say goodbye, but I have a feeling that we will be seeing each other soon (HalfwayHawaii 2015, TacoTourMexico 2016, Balkin-BalticHeritageTour 2018, CalgaryStampede20never, etc).

Everyone keeps trailing back to the same conversations now. The ones that go "I can not believe we are leaving." "I am going to miss everyone so much." "It will be so strange to go back home. Part of me is ready, but part of me is not." "Have I changed? I feel like I have changed." "When and where will we see each other again." "You better keep sending me lots of snapchats from home." I can not believe that this wild journey is coming to an end.