around the neighbourhood / by lana pribic

It started in Berlin, the evening strolls. Miina and I felt like old ladies instead of young travellers when we opted for an evening stroll and Milka chocolate in bed instead of going out to party. We were wearing sweatpants and sneakers and raincoats and we were loving it. We ended up creating these "old lady alter egos" that we started to take very seriously, and soon all our other friends joined in. Old Debbie has a fitness blog which states the obvious such as "take the stairs" and "drink 8 cups of water a day!" She is also "taking time off" to pursue activities such as blogging, book clubs and knitting. Old Sue is grumpy in her old age and just can't let go of the summers she spent in Tuscany (and her promiscuous youth) with an Italian lover. Her son drives her crazy. The other alter egos are not quite as developed.

We live in "family friendly" Østerbro which is not as full of young people as some of the other neighbourhoods. You don't go out around here unless you want to hang with parents of young children. But, the beach is 2 minutes away, the city is a 10 minutes away, and there plenty of Emmery's bakeries around. You can not help but see yourself settling down with a family some day in Copenhagen in one of these beautiful rose-covered Victorian homes during your evening strolls as you peer into homes watching families having a hygge time. You just can't, especially if you are in you alter-ego mode.