tranquebar / by lana pribic

One night, while I was flying solo, I decided to go out for dinner on Jaegersborggade. As I turned into the street I could hear some wonderful music being played not too far off. It did not feel real, but an audience of very content people were gathered on the street listening to live music, enjoying some drinks, smoking their cigarettes, and just relaxing as the sun went down. As Copenhageners do. I did not ask any questions, I just joined in.

Her haunting voice and lyrics and the silly laid back energy of all the band members automatically put me at ease. I let the music take me away, trying to forget about how all journeys come to an end. It was hands down one of my most unforgettable experiences of being abroad, perhaps because it was so spontaneous.

They describe themselves as a "portable and lo-fi musical experiment - comprising banjo, cajon, accordion and a singer." Find their facebook page here and listen to their album here.