montréal / by lana pribic

It was WAY too cold in Montreal to take very many photos. You would think that a Canadian would be able to bear the cold, but that is not really true. Here are just a few frames from walking around the city.

New Years Eve was so. much. fun. We spent it seeing a DJ spin at Société des Arts Technologiques where the dome roof made for the BEST light show I have ever seen. We got to our destination in the nick of time (literally received our order of shots just as the countdown began), it is one of my favourite stories to tell. We got home at around 5am.

I also got to see my friend Joey, who I worked and lived in a mountain town with in Italy. Otherwise, the cold (and the hangover) prevented an excessive amount of exploring that I am usually prone to. I am sensing a return to the city for Osheaga this summer. Here are just a few places I enjoyed:

Eat + drink:  lola rosa  //  kitsuné espresso bar  //  olympico cafe  //  saint vaiteur bagel

Shop: ibiki