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Avery | Boudoir Workshop by lana pribic


I wanted to share Avery’s set of images from the boudoir workshop I attended in Seattle. After spending the morning and afternoon listening to talks, two other photographers and myself got to apply what we learned during a shoot. We took turns directing the model, Avery, and being the lead photographer for 10 minute intervals. It was intense and went by way too quickly! These are the images I got from the half hour period.

In a Field of Flowers by lana pribic

I shot these yesterday with Laura, and Nikki was our (main) model. Ones of me were shot by Laura. I love the feel of these... fun, warm & soft breezy.

I haven't been this excited to jump onto my computer and get photos edited in a really long time! It's great to feel this way again. We got lucky - the entire day was super gloomy and dark, but the sun decided to come out and play for us. I mean... Look at that light! I am looking forward to getting back into photography. There's so many places where I still want to learn and grow, and this shoot reignited my love for it.

If anyone wants to shoot or model around Toronto/GTA, please get in touch (scroll up - contact button)! I would love to start collaborating with others who want to learn and grow. Let's make some magic happen.