OX Guelph

OX Guelph | part two by lana pribic

I have come to the conclusion that bakers have the most photogenic hands out of all people. Maybe it is because they make the loveliest and most delicious things with them?

It's allllll about the baguettes. Always. Forever. No matter what.People will applaud and/or sigh of relief when you whip out another baguette. Seriously, one is never enough.
I know that baking is, at its root, all about the mathematical proportion of measurements and the scientific reaction of ingredients. I know it, but I usually ignore it because baking is fun and math is not.

But did you know that making homemade croissants involves using a ruler?! That is a whole new level of precision. These girls do not mess around, not when it comes to croissants.

Yes please.
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OX Guelph | part one by lana pribic

I got to do something really cool last weekend - hang out with the crew at OX to help tell their story. I  truly hope that these pictures convey the love, passion and percision that this group of people put into executing each and every plate before it leaves their kitchen... Because minutes later, when fork reaches mouth, you just know.

Oh, and they have fun along the way (the item "a badass 90's playlist" would most definitely be found in the bakery's list of ingredients for making bread, right under the essential yeast, flour, and water).

From heart to plate to table - simple the way it should be.Part two is here, and see more of OX here. 

Brunch at OX by lana pribic

Today, brunch at OX happened. This place has passion, but I won't go through the process of explaining just much I adore it again...Alicia is always teaching me science related facts. This flower is a hybrid of a rose and cabbage!
I got the Ploughman's platter and it was perfection - pressed yogurt with herbs (which the chef kindly explained to us), grilled grapefruit, yellow beets, a generous amount of aged cheddar cheese, a hard boiled egg, crispy crostini, heavenly granola, and roasted pears, all piled on a beautiful wooden platter. It was great to munch on and experiment with all the flavours on the plate.

What a great way to start off my favourite day of the week. Tonight, I am going to a wedding and trying to ignore the voice in the back of my head that is always pestering my about school work.Note: See more of lovely OX here and here.

OX | Guelph by lana pribic

If you asked me to dream up my own version of a perfect cafe/restaurant, it would probably look and feel something like OX - a new joint in downtown Guelph. OX is located on Quebec Street and attached to The Bookshelf bookstore. The cafe has a coffee bistro/bakery at the front of the house, and a rustic newly finished dining room in the back of the house. The place sparkles with a mix of freshness and character. Here's a little peak - but expect to see more of this place around here.

The first time I went, I couldn't resist buying a black olive & rosemary loaf of bread for olive oil dipping. The second time I went, I couldnt resist a chocolate croissant (evidence: empty plate above). The third time I go in, I just might have to take the plunge and try one of their pizzas or "sammies" sandwich or even a cheese board with wine. Baby steps.

I have never seen a place cater to both students (with its affordable specials and comfy cafe) and upscale clientele so effortlessly.Needless to say, I will be hanging out here a lot from now on.*see more of OX here