carrot cake

carrot cake by lana pribic

I love carrot cake. It might even be my favourite cake ever, as long as it has cream cheese icing. One of my favourite bloggers posted a carrot cake recipe last week, and I made it the very next day. I was somewhat nervous because the closet I've come to making a cake before was simple loafs. Nerves aside, it turned out beautiful. I mean, what better way is there to welcome the month of September than with cinnamon, carrot and apple cake?

I was so proud of it - I brought a slice to all my friends to try and Fallon said that it compares to her favourite carrot cake from Fresh. This recipe rules. The cake is so moist and perfect in texture with the right amount of spice. I found that the icing* recipe made way too much icing though...Which made me decide that it was absolutely mandatory to make a second (smaller one) for my coworkers. I cant wait to bring it to work tomorrow. Yum.

*I used vanilla bean for the icing instead of extract, which made the icing really pretty.