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Costa Rica | Pachamama by lana pribic


I spent 8 days at Pachamama in Costa Rica - an eco-village, yoga and meditation community. This is a 500 acre property in the jungle that was acquired by spiritual seekers and followers of Osho (yes, that Osho) 20 years ago. They bought land that was being used for cattle farming at the time, and set out to reforest it for the purpose of creating a livable community. Now, many species of wildlife have returned to the lush land. There are residents who live here on a permanent basis, in addition to many work exchangers who spend at least 6 weeks living and working here. There are six pillars that are crucial for the Pachamama lifestyle: meditation, emotional healing, yoga/movement, native ceremonies, ecological living and mystical music journeys.

This is a place that is difficult to explain. During the one Satsang I was able to attend, the spiritual leader mentioned that they refrain from using loaded words such as “special” or “amazing” to describe Pachamama. So, I will tell you about the type of person who goes here and how one spends their time. This is not a resort or a place to party, consume mass amounts of food, or numb out. People who come here are on their personal spiritual journey to better themselves or gain understanding of their self. Many people here are dealing with heavy things, are simply are looking for direction, or want to life this alternative lifestyle being one with nature. A day at Pachamama is spent simply and healthily; it is up to you to decide what you will do with your time (with the exception that you must sit silently for 45 minutes a day). People spend their time doing lots of reading, playing, journalling, reading tarot/oracle cards, having conversations about astrology and human design, having therapeutic chats... There are two daily movement classes a day and a 45 minute silent sitting every evening. The food served is 100% vegetarian and gluten free. There are also workshops you can take (yoga, cleanses, emotional release…).

The highlights of my stay were: an emotional release workshop, an ecstatic dance movement class, going to the nearby beach everyday, meditating in a rain storm, and just being in such a new environment. Experiencing jungle life was something new for me, and this trip is easily one of my top 3 EVER. I booked this trip on a Tuesday, and arrived there on the Friday afternoon - it was simply the best idea I ever had.